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Even though I am so over Halloween and totally moved on to the remaining holidays of the season (lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas with a Violet bday sandwich in between!), how could I not do a post about this cutie trick or treating? It was an icky day, but we wanted to go out for at least a little bit. (I'm gonna go back and start from the actual beginning, but I just wanted this sweet smiling girl in costume to be the first photo...)

She wanted cheek hearts again.

And then we grabbed our umbrellas and headed to a nearby neighborhood (kind of the famously nice one in town where many trick or treaters flock...)

Okay, NOW time for posed pics!

(We should always take a photo of what Mike or I am doing behind the camera to coax these expressions out of her.)

Ah yes, nice muddy wet leaves to walk through all evening.

We multiplied our fun by meeting up with some friends!

And of course we had to visit the Willy Wonka house. The people living there invite everyone to go into their home and pick out big candy bars. There's usually a line... it's kinda crazy. Also, isn't the timing of this pic great with the image on the tv?

A better view of more of the candy. Even the parents got to pick out some! I love this dude.

Did I mention that they also always carve two massive pumpkins? It's kind of a local go-to Halloween photo spot. Also, did I mention how adorable Violet looked?

We lasted for about an hour and then packed it in and went home, wet and tired... But with a lot more candy than we had before!


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