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October 30th was "bring your ladybug to work" day! (...and also "wear your creepy mask" day!) Where Mike works, the families of employees can come trick or treat at all the cubicles the day before Halloween. So kids pretty much take over the place for an hour or two. It was actually a super ideal trick or treating situation- no rain, no cold, people giving out candy like every five feet... It was great! Some people also really get into decorating their cubicle areas. It was a fun day! Please excuse the kinda blurry phone pictures...

Who could get any work done with this little cutie hanging around?

They kinda go all out for this.

Mike works with some people we go to church with- they were obviously happy to see our adorable lil girl stop by their desks.

Some amazingly decked out cubicles.

"They match!!"

My favs.

Looks great, but I kinda wonder if the poor cleaning people have to vacuum up all those leaves...

Post-trick or treating, Daddy had to finish up a bit of work before he could leave for the day.

We hung out and dug into her stash.

And then after a couple last cute pics outside, we headed home for the evening!

More Halloween pics coming!


demoreeann November 11, 2013 at 10:02 AM  

"it's toooo heaavvvyy"

Anne November 11, 2013 at 8:29 PM  

what a great place to work, how fun! altho i'm imagining Mike's poor clammy face after a day in the mask, lol

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