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One little dollar buys this cute little craft at Michael's- a wooden alligator with some paints (with a weird consistency, but come on... it's a buck) and a brush included! We busted this out one evening when the minutes were ticking by awfully slowly toward bedtime, and someone hadn't gotten their nap earlier. She perked up at this fun project though.

Sadly, about one minute after she finished this, her smile immediately crumpled into the pout of the sleep-deprived.

Emergency second project to the rescue! Yes, I took a couple copies of our old holiday newsletter and cut out pictures from them for her to glue onto paper.

And when those ran out, we moved on to a magazine.

A little watercoloring helped keep the cranky tears away too.

She's such a good painter :) I like the different color sections.

And here are some more pics from her weekly art class. Violet sure loves it. She's really taken to Miss Debbie, the teacher. She's always excited when Miss Debbie comes around so she can tell her what she's making.

This was "Violet's violin."

And the orange was a bell tower. (We kinda walk around campus a lot)

V creates her masterpiece!


demoreeann November 7, 2013 at 1:09 PM  

its so awesome that you do so many crafts with her! one of my favorite and earliest memories was finger painting with my mom. :)

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