video veekend

More songs from my lil cutie.

fwack = track, in case you couldn't tell :)

Like mother, like daughter.

An original Violet mashup.


Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for so much... but especially my baby girl and my littler baby girl and my guy. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by my wonderful family every single day. Annnnd I feel blessed to be able to consume the best meal everrrr today (compliments of Chef me)!

sew sew

It's been quite some time since I sewed Violet a new dress, so I thought making one for her to wear for her birthday would be perfect- after all, she's worn homemade dresses on her 1st & 2nd birthdays, so I pretty much HAD to do it. As in the past, my mom graciously helped me interpret the very confusing pattern along the way. And then I got to work!

All done!

Here it is with the homemade dress she wore on her first bday! It's the same pattern, just a lil bigger for my soon-to-be three-year-old!

staying in & hanging out

i keep on fallin'... again

My little autumn lovely.

On the final "ungardening" day, Mike and I dealt with getting the canna bulbs out of the ground and cleaned off and ready to tuck away in the basement for the winter. I wanted some photos of this arduous task, but Violet crashed that party. I didn't mind though- I am embracing the snuggly stage as long as it lasts.

i keep on fallin'

Violet and I spent some time recently (like pre-wintry weather) in the big, beautiful back yard. Somehow I forgot that some of the trees turn such vibrant colors. So pretty! And yes this first pic might look a little familiar, but it's my blog and I can re-post fav pics if I wanna.

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