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This whole process is really really not fun... We've been very occasionally taking her to the potty since she was like a year and a half old, with a few successes. But I figured it's time to really make this happen, so we are committing to getting her on that potty as much as possible. The first day, we stayed home all day and got her on the potty every 20 minutes. I gotta admit that at this point I am discouraged. We've only been at this for a week and a half, but I guess I just thought by this point she would have gone pee on the potty more than two times total. I'm definitely not blaming her- I know she's doing her best, but it's just really not a fun experience as a parent.

Here's a cute video to lighten the mood! Don't worry, this is definitely not a video of her actually going potty. We have a lot of time to kill these days just sitting in the bathroom, so Mike taught her how to play I Spy. She makes a valiant effort, but let's just say she plays the game as well as she uses the potty :) She'll get it eventually though! There just may be an exhausted Mom and Dad in her wake...


Alison Lewis October 4, 2013 at 4:40 PM  

We didn't even start seriously trying until after Noah turned 3. It hasn't been that painful, but we did start late. We just took away his paci right before his 3rd B-Day too. Let's just say we're not setting the curve . . . BUT, neither transition has been a big deal at all.

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