Let's just say that I've got my hands full with all the girls in my life, myself included. I've reached a point in this pregnancy where various physical discomforts have settled in to become regular issues from here on out. Having to sleep on my sides rather than my back (what I prefer to do 95% of the time) is a big one for me. And then there's the ol' back pain and heartburn- Hello, old friends from pregnancy #1. On another topic, I love Violet's expression (mid-silly voice) in this pic. It reminds me of her really funny personality... and also her occasional sass and fussiness, which have been flaring up a bit more than I'd like as of late. To sum up, between the three of us, I'm overall a lot more tired and emotionally worn out than I'd like to be. However, Mike and I just had a wonderful, relaxing staycation this past week. I'm so thankful for both of our sets of parents who help out with Violet so we can have breaks!


c November 1, 2013 at 2:28 PM  

I imagine that Zooey isn't being a helpful lady either!

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