Happy Halloween from skull-face baby in my womb! Isn't it the best when they look right atcha? ...You know, in a humorously creepy way??

Also, throwback Thursday! Tiny Margot Tenenbaum from last year :)

And a cute lil cow from the year before!

please come back

click da pix for da source

messy eats

One last grilling of the season! (well, at least where we can eat outside...)

post-bath sillies

My funny, adorable Violet sings a song from Mr. Rogers about three of the characters (Anna, Prince, and Daniel)!

Crazy jammies time!

And then a bonus little mini-vid for funsies!

I love my lil goofball :)


Let's just say that I've got my hands full with all the girls in my life, myself included. I've reached a point in this pregnancy where various physical discomforts have settled in to become regular issues from here on out. Having to sleep on my sides rather than my back (what I prefer to do 95% of the time) is a big one for me. And then there's the ol' back pain and heartburn- Hello, old friends from pregnancy #1. On another topic, I love Violet's expression (mid-silly voice) in this pic. It reminds me of her really funny personality... and also her occasional sass and fussiness, which have been flaring up a bit more than I'd like as of late. To sum up, between the three of us, I'm overall a lot more tired and emotionally worn out than I'd like to be. However, Mike and I just had a wonderful, relaxing staycation this past week. I'm so thankful for both of our sets of parents who help out with Violet so we can have breaks!

them apples

Here's more from our trip to Plymouth Orchards!


We've visited our favorite orchard and cider mill- Plymouth Orchards- year after year for the yummy donuts and cider and tractor wagon rides and farm animals and cute little cut outs you can pose with! Speaking of which, I love Violet's little pose in this picture... I think she was trying to imitate me crouching down? Anyway, she's just cute as always :)

And it was a beautiful day (we actually got kinda sunburned, which tells ya how sunny of an October day it was).

Boo lens flare, but adorable pic nonetheless.

Silly pix time! No, she is not sticking her finger in her nose, fyi.

We got caught up in all the cuteness... but then remembered that a two year old has limits when it comes to picture taking.

Time to walk around!

Okay, just a fewwww more pix.

We have so many great photos, so I'm going to do another post about what else we did. But for now... how about a little flashback?

She was just a baby in 2011...

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