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It feels like the garden has been around forever by now. I mean, I started on it five months ago, which is basically a lifetime ago when I think of everything that's happened since April. So many plants are long gone by now, but there are still some hangers-on. These zinnias were a welcome surprise. I've never grown them, and they sure have stuck around for a long time and just keep getting prettier and bigger. Next year I'm going to go zinnia crazy, I think.

The zinnias are so beautiful that this bee chose one as his final resting place. Yes, a bee lay down and DIED on one of my flowers. I feel kind of flattered, actually.

This huge sunflower popped up surprisingly from a seed that must have gotten lodged in the ground last year. I specifically didn't plant the 10 footers because they were so much work to take care of. Among other things, we had to keep putting various sized stakes to support them. Well, this one did fine all on his own, which I guess is like some sort of metaphor for nature and humans and um some other wise stuff and whatnot.

The petals were kinda scraggly this year, but it was still a beauty.

Speaking of which, here's my little gardening girl. Not pictured: flower three times her height next to her.

This year I tried to plant some other types of sunflowers, but they mostly got choked out by the vicious zucchini and cucumber plants which pretty much covered and devoured any other plant in their path.

A few of these made it though.

Zucchini: "WE WILL NOT BE CONTAINED. ONTO THE LAWN! GO, GUYS, GO!" Violet is clearly their accomplice.

Happy girl with her hair flyin in the wind.

This was about a month ago. One last look at my late summer harvest! By now those zucchini plants have been axed. Literally. As in, Mike always looks for opportunities to chop things with his ax.

One flower is still going strong!

My hydrangea tree with white blooms... soon to fade to pink... and then to brown along with everything else. I'm kind of relieved, actually. The amount of work I am willing to put into this garden has decreased in proportion to how much the size of the fetus within me has increased. I recently made it into the second trimester! Good: not really nauseous anymore! Bad: still exhausted just as much...


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