Violet loves shopping at Ragstock with Mommy. And by shopping I mean embedding herself into the racks of clothes.

...and trying on the jewelry and walking around the store with it on. You know, every retail worker's favorite kind of customer.

This is how nap time always ends. I first hear "MOMMMM-MEEEEE" in a singsong voice and then the squeaking sound of her jumping on the mattress.

Snugglin up in the big bed.

Gommy's birthday meant yummy chocolate mousse and presents.

Violet did a live portrait of Gommy as her part of the gift! ...aka, we forgot to have her do it ahead of time.

As always, I love the moment right before I go to bed when I look in on sleeping Violet. This time she was cuddling Annie.

Close up of cute smushy kiss!

Then she rolled over and had an Annie-yarn-hair-shaped imprint on her face :)

Off to school! (She wishes. She likes to pretend a lot.)


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