No more of Mommy holding her corn for her... One of her current favorite phrases is "I DO IT MYSELF".

Garden visitor

Um, another garden visitor that is slightly more creepy... This guy actually was camped out on the outside of one of our back windows, so we had the "pleasure" of seeing him all the time. Then he disappeared for a couple days and then showed up on the outside of our front window. I think he likes the view into our home.

Fun with homemade play dough!

V makes a face.

I make a cat.

V smushes my cat.

A new dangerous temptation is Glassbox Coffee & Juice at the lovely new shopping area on Washtenaw & Platt. It's just so good.

We saw this at a shop in that area- it comes with a recipe and pan so you can make your own ding dongs. Yes plz.

Violet was having fun on the big girl bed at IKEA. We aren't quite at that stage yet at home. She isn't a climber, and she seems content with the crib, so why make life more stressful at this point? I'm ready to see her crib through to the last possible second.

Eeeee tiny poang is so adorbz.

Kickin back with McLaine

She's so funny.

...and brave. You can't really see it, but yes that was a kiss on Zooey's mouth.


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