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Parts of my garden are still hanging in there, which is awesome considering that I totally gave up watering weeks ago. Like every other year, the morning glories are taking over the world with their incessant viney growth.

I didn't realize that the sunflowers I planted this year would have a wave of blooms, but it's been lovely to be able to enjoy them over many weeks!

Despite the jank foliage, that cucumber plant pumped out some decent ones this season.

My giant sunflower shed its plentiful seeds, to the delight of squirrels and birds alike.

Zinnias still bein' zinnias, all pretty-like.

I spotted a rare songbird among the marigolds.

I think I mentioned before that my pepper plants were suffering, due to the zucchini plants getting all up in their business, but one bell pepper made it!

And then it actually turned yellow!

I picked that one along with a couple sweet peppers and a few sunflowers and zinnias. Just wanted to pretty up my table a bit!

Annnnd cue the dying.


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