berry fun

A couple weeks ago our friend Keri invited Violet and I to come to a local farm to pick blackberries. It was early in the season, so we had to search a bit for ripe ones, but we both ended up taking home good hauls. Violet loved helping too... even though I spent half the time scurrying about pulling thorny branches out of her path (I got stabbed a lot. I had no idea the plants we so prickly!) But we had fun, and got nice and tired out for a nap later (both of us).

Don't let the melancholy face fool you... She was having fun! She was just in a non-camera mood, I think.

I included this last pic so you'd see that I didn't let Violet get slowly strangled by a huge load of blackberries :) We ended up with lots! We ate a lot right from the fridge and then rest went into the freezer for future food projects!


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