Violet loves shopping at Ragstock with Mommy. And by shopping I mean embedding herself into the racks of clothes.

...and trying on the jewelry and walking around the store with it on. You know, every retail worker's favorite kind of customer.

This is how nap time always ends. I first hear "MOMMMM-MEEEEE" in a singsong voice and then the squeaking sound of her jumping on the mattress.

Snugglin up in the big bed.

Gommy's birthday meant yummy chocolate mousse and presents.

Violet did a live portrait of Gommy as her part of the gift! ...aka, we forgot to have her do it ahead of time.

As always, I love the moment right before I go to bed when I look in on sleeping Violet. This time she was cuddling Annie.

Close up of cute smushy kiss!

Then she rolled over and had an Annie-yarn-hair-shaped imprint on her face :)

Off to school! (She wishes. She likes to pretend a lot.)

jump jump

I regularly check an Ann Arbor family blog to see what activities and events are going on for kids around town. Jump City comes up a lot. We finally decided to check it out, now that Violet is at an age she can really enjoy that kind of thing. Please excuse the blurriness of all these pics- She was seriously on the move!

back to school

After a month hiatus, Violet's art class started back up again. She had been asking about it, so it was fun to finally tell her, "We're going to art class today!"

She only did minimal hand painting this time :)

Her lovely completed picture frame & maple leaf. As you can see, she was very meticulous about where to glue each little leaf on her frame. Annnd then she got distracted and moved onto to something else.

And we always enjoy a good run afterwards on the entrance ramp. Many, many times.

V got artsy at home later. "This is what Daddy looks like."

Yep, I'd say after this particular week, that sums up how both Daddy AND Mommy feel. We have fun days with our little girl, but those crazy moments are exhausting!

blooms & eats

Parts of my garden are still hanging in there, which is awesome considering that I totally gave up watering weeks ago. Like every other year, the morning glories are taking over the world with their incessant viney growth.

I didn't realize that the sunflowers I planted this year would have a wave of blooms, but it's been lovely to be able to enjoy them over many weeks!

Despite the jank foliage, that cucumber plant pumped out some decent ones this season.

My giant sunflower shed its plentiful seeds, to the delight of squirrels and birds alike.

Zinnias still bein' zinnias, all pretty-like.

I spotted a rare songbird among the marigolds.

I think I mentioned before that my pepper plants were suffering, due to the zucchini plants getting all up in their business, but one bell pepper made it!

And then it actually turned yellow!

I picked that one along with a couple sweet peppers and a few sunflowers and zinnias. Just wanted to pretty up my table a bit!

Annnnd cue the dying.


Here are some pics from the Ypsi Heritage Festival last month. It was a lovely evening for a stroll around the park, a bouncy house, and some good old timey bingo.

I WONNNNN... $2.50.

(Can I just say that I hate that in between phase of pregnancy where you're not big enough to look pregnant, just kinda fat? Thankfully I am slowly moving out of that phase.)

After all the evening fun, we rode off into the sunset.

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