Sandy the horse + various pet fish for sale make Meijer a fun place for two and half year olds.

I'm trying to teach her to write letters. You can see the V, I, and O under where I wrote them. The rest are there as well, but kind of in pieces :)

"IT REALLY SUNNY. I NEED MY GLASSES." I hear this a lot these days. She also insists on being the one to put them on, so they are always perched goofily over her hair.

After over three years, I finnnnally organized my books! So if for instance you need me to direct you to the poetry, instructional craft books, or "kind of embarrassing so let's put these on a less visible shelf" sections, I can do so with ease.

Bday hugs for Poppy. By the way I feel like I have multiple pictures of us lined up on a couch like this at various birthday/holiday celebrations.

My dad always decorates his own cake! Pretty clever guy, that Poppy. (By the way, in case you can't tell, the smudges are footprints, not mistakes :) )

Annnd don't forget who the candles are really there for these days.

V's happy about a cute puppy card from Uncle Tom! See? She not only gets to blow out the candles, she also gets cards on other people's birthdays as well.

Watering my false sunflowers (actual plant name).

And I'm still so happy about the rose bush thriving so well. It's such a pretty addition to the backyard.

Cucumber harvest is in full swing, y'all.

Just chillin inside on a lazy summer morning. I love fall, but I'm gonna miss seeing these little cutie bare legs & feet running around every day.


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