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tiny Violet & big Zooey! (2011)

tiny everybody! (2005)

Well, on Zooey's actual birthday, I put up a complainy blog post, so let me attempt to atone for my grievous mistake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both the best and worst cat I've ever owned. She is eight years old as of August 13th, which is really getting up there. I always like the old pics because it reminds me of a time before she developed a penchant for chewing holes in many of my (and others') possessions. That was a good year. But despite how much I tell her she is taking years off my life due to the stress she causes me, she has gained points with me in the past couple years because of how lovely she is to Violet. I was not expecting them to be pals, but it is very sweet to see my crotchety cat welcome snuggles and kisses from my little girl.


demoreeann August 19, 2013 at 12:47 PM  

i can't believe she's 8! she was such a cute baby kitten.

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