belle isle, part 2

Our lovely afternoon in Belle Isle! (continued from yesterday)

Mike and I have made it a habit to commit "random acts of photography-related kindness". Basically, you know how you always see people holding up their camera at arm's length, trying to get a pic of themselves with someone? Or there will be a group of people and one person has to sacrifice being in the photo because someone's gotta actually click the camera. Well, that's where Mike and I come in. We regularly seek out these people and offer to take their photo for them (little do they know they are even getting a pic taken by someone who actually knows how to take a photo!)... and then maybe we'll cash in on their gratitude and ask for one in return.

Case in point.

It was really pretty inside the conservatory, but in summer months, it gets rather hot and humid in there. We were ready for some fresh air.

I had heard about this huge slide that you could ride for a dollar. Upon seeing it in person, it was clearly not something that Violet was old enough to partake in. (Unfortunately I had been talking up this "reallly big slide!", so it was a little disappointing for her not to be able to go on it.)

We watched a few people ride it- on the bumps, they were seriously flying through the air! It was kinda scary.

Then we headed over to the main playground area, which is seriously like 10 times the size and play equipment-laden of your average park. She had a blast! Not pictured: hot, tired Karen sweating under the shade of a tree. All that fun wiped me out. And after we eventually came home, Violet had an epic nap (the best kind, for everyone involved).


Alison Lewis August 10, 2013 at 11:34 PM  

I'm impressed you could keep her awake until you got home!

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