making a splash

Well, apparently I didn't realize that I live down the street from a toddler's dream of a pool. We visited for the first time to meet up with friends and Violet and Lucy had a blast. By the way, doesn't Violet look so little girl-ish (as opposed to toddler-ish) here? She's losing the baby chub and getting so tall and lean. *sniff sniff*... They grow up so fast...

Anyway, onto the pool pics!

open for business!

So I decided to make an Etsy shop (click here!) because of the excess of cute vintage stuff that I've got. I'm still adding things, but I thought I'd open up shop in the meantime. Here's what it looks like! This isn't the actual thing, just a screen shot :)

dress up days

As previously mentioned, Mike and I went to back to back weddings in the Grand Rapids area a couple weeks ago. Fun fact: I sang at both ceremonies... and it was the same song!

Practicing pre-wedding.

(I like this picture because it looks like Andrew is officiating the wedding, when really he is playing the coveted role of "microphone holder")

Yay Mackenzie & Liz!

Annnd here we go again!

Yay Tim & Jess!

We sat at the best table. So many friends!

It was fun to celebrate our friends & then go to two excellently thrown parties! The only downside was feeling self conscious about my little baby bump, which I was still trying to keep secret. Ah well, I think I passed it off as chubbiness pretty well :)


It's been a really long time since Violet has really let me put her hair in a ponytail or in pigtails (other than when I put my foot down at meal times because otherwise it'd be in her mouth), so it was really fun that she let me try out little braids. I'd been talking it up for awhile, so when she eventually said "MOMMY I WANT BRAIDS" (without even knowing what that meant), I happily obliged.

Since then, I've put them in a couple other times, so hopefully more pics are coming! I thought she looked adorable and so grown up. She's a little girl now!

baby #2

We'll be holding a new little creature much like this in our arms sometime around March 10th next year!


Just when you think Violet can't have more fun at Grandma & Grandpa's house, they bust out the remote-controlled car. She had a blast.

Her giggles are the best.

She also has a couple dolls over there. Luckily they have a very attentive little mommy who makes sure they're up and dressed in the morning and in their jammies and in bed at night.

Teehee... her little expression.

Bubble run with Grandma!

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