parading around

It is hard to put myself in my own shoes again when I see this picture. My memory tells me it was a beautiful day- pleasantly warm with a cool breeze in our shaded corner... but I keep thinking of yesterday when I was at this EXACT spot aggressively elbowing my way through the ransacked Urban Outfitters street sale tent with a full stroller in tow during the sweltering mid-90's weather of Art Fair week. But I digress... Soooooo here comes the parade!

Please now enjoy what I call the "random assortment of people and characters" section of this post.

And then the final band played and the Jaycees held their banner and it was all over and everyone was clapping and happy! ...until 10 seconds later when this lady trailed behind and this sort of confused quiet settled over the crowd. I mean, I'm not tryna be a hater, but plz don't get your complainy rain on my parade. I mean, you didn't even throw candy. YOU DIDN'T THROW CANDY.

Whatevz! We all had tons of fun!

Fun vid with a few highlights!


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