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Well, I've been putting off dealing with these pics, but I decided to dive in and start blogging about our amazing trip to Toronto! These posts will just show up sporadically for the next who knows how long, so I am starting at the beginning. We headed over the bridge with no trouble at the border. A few hours later, we arrived at "home"!

"Home" being this cute little apartment I found on airbnb.com. The 20-something couple who live there were headed out to Europe which meant cheap accommodations for us in the heart of the city! It was great to have a home-y place where we could make meals and really relax in. I highly recommend it!

Well, if you've ever heard me talk about vacation planning, you'll know that I stuff the itinerary to the gills (gizzards? I dunno). It was time to head out right after we dropped our bags off and found our way to the subway.

We started our trip with the tourist-iest thing on the list- a visit to the CN Tower.

Welp, there it is. Pretty unimpressive up close.

Okay, it may have been a bit bigger than that. It was actually the tallest building in the world until a few years ago.

There's an indoor and outdoor viewing area.

You can also step on glass and look alllll the way down.

Just a Canadian mounty moose with a creepy grin and me, also with a creepy grin.

Totally got deja vu when I saw this. Never would've remembered this if I hadn't seen it again, but I've been to Toronto for a couple family vacations, the most recent one being 15 years ago. And those gold people stand out in my memory.

This is where the Blue Jays play (it's right next to the CN Tower), but that night it was taken over by a Taylor Swift concert. We happened to be right there when the show was starting. It was CRAZY how many girls we saw all decked out- they were either wearing a flouncy short dress with cowboy boots (aka dressing like Taylor does in concert) or in head-to-toe red (for her "Red" tour). There were just hoardssss of them. Not pictured, of course.

I had to drag Mike away- he was so determined to sneak into that show. Okay, not really.


demoreeann July 15, 2013 at 10:00 AM  

you're cute in that dress/boot combo! also, i should hire you to plan our trip from PA to OK.

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