We are fully immersed in summer these days, and I am loving it. [**Forthcoming rant alertz**] One really irritating thing that people in Michigan do is complain about weather, like, ALL the time. I totally agree that this year the winter held out uncharacteristically long even for Michigan, but once May hit, we had weeks of wonderful 60s/70s degree weather (PERFECT SPRING, YOU GUYS). And even most of June was in the reasonably warm zone. (Remember last year when it was in the 90s from May through August?). Now lately it's kinda been gettin hot in herre in time for fun swimming pool and running in sprinklers adventures. BUT IT'S BEEN RAINYYY FOR FOUR WHOLE DAYSSS, you say. I WANT IT HOT AND SUNNY AND MY GRASS BROWN AND DEAD. Well, then I guess the sight of the current lush green plant life everywhere will be a serious problem for you.

So I task you to enjoy the summer! Take note of how nice it is this time of year and stop harshing my mellow. You know, to put it in terms my surfer following can understand.*

*Side note: I realize that I am totally the kind of person who complains about things more than I should, so I see the hypocrisy in judging others for this. But, as I am the author, I am practicing my right to post hypocrisy on my own bloggy.


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