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AHHH this little girl is so sweet I can't take it. These days, she loves spelling her name for most anyone who will listen. (Except if you actually directly ask her to, in which case she will of course refuse.) Anyway, this is from a weekend or two ago when we ate on the rooftop deck at Jolly Pumpkin. I love that place so much... or should I say loveD? I found out that they removed my favorite menu item- the only one I ever ordered! Tragedy! But being with my lovely family softened the blow.

Also, apparently there was a car show on Main and a couple surrounding blocks. It was a nice evening for a stroll, so we joined the mostly age 50+ crowd.

THAT LADY WAS THERE. You know, the fun ruiner from the parade?? (as seen here)

We moved on to other areas and continued our stroll.

It was a fun evening with my fun fam.


Rachel Dull July 31, 2013 at 7:18 AM  

I saw they took your pizza off the menu!! I hope you find something new you like as well. I will also miss that pizza.

I still don't get that lady's sign.

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