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I convinced myself to not let the mid 90's temps + serious humidity (aka, heat index of around 105) stand in the way of "enjoying" the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair! I really do love going every year, and so I wanted to make it work. Violet and I took the bus downtown so we wouldn't have to deal with parking, or waste any of our "I don't feel like I want to die from the heat yet" time walking from a far away parking spot. She loved the nice air-conditioned ride, and we got dropped off right smack in the middle of the fair. Okay, please take note of her face.

...and now look at her face again. This epitomizes what it felt like to be outside. Poor girlie was red-faced and dripping sweat after about 10 minutes. I tried to get a smile, but she defiantly looked away from me. I don't blame her one bit for her miserable, pouty expression.

I know it doesn't look like it, but there really weren't the usual crowds (it was Wednesday afternoon, which I'm sure is a slower time). It was just nice though because we could walk at a normal speed, instead of the slogging cattle herd pace you'll experience on, say, a Saturday.

Haha, Violet did perk up when she saw this. She really liked this lady!

Anyway, before you think I was heartlessly burning my child, let me say we made lengthy stops in air conditioned spaces. My parents were there that afternoon as well, so we all grabbed some lunch together. Sweaty Violet dried off and filled up on some good pizza from Silvio's.

Then we walked just a short bit until we reached the famous Urban Outfitters street sale. This is a shot into the actual store, but the non-pictured outdoor thing is pure madness. It seems like every year the street tent gets smaller, so navigating it with a bulky stroller caused many a trendy young 20-something chick to huff and be forced to actually step aside to make room for another person. It was pretty bold of me to venture in with Violet in tow- I have to pat myself on the back for that one. I try my best to limit the amount of "unfortunately I can't do that anymore because I'm a mom" things in my life.

We stopped inside as well. Violet always loves the jewelry and accessories section in these kind of stores. I don't think I ever mentioned the recent time I realize she had shoplifted from H&M and we had to go back and apologize... Anyway, overall it was quite the outing with some ups and some downs. I'm glad we got to experience some of it, and I am basically in heaven this week because this weather is amazing! I can actually have the windows open and feel comfortable ALL DAY. Gotta love summer.


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