Our Toronto adventures continue with a stroll through the Canadian Little Italy and Chinatown. We really did just happen to pass by the fringes of these areas on our way walking to other locations, so it wasn't like when we went to NYC and, like, actually saw Chinese and Italian people (take a quick revisit to NYC Chinatown & Little Italy here). Turns out there was a street fair and "Taste of Italy" going on, which was a bit odd because I didn't really see any Italian food... I will say though that I had what may be the best corn on the cob I've ever tasted. It was grilled with soy butter, which I suppose the magic ingredient. Anyway, come walk with me!

Remember my new best friend?

By the way, Imageshack (the site that hosts all of my images) is having some temporary problems, so in a lot of my past posts there are several images that aren't displaying. I am told this will be fixed soon (whatever that means), and I desperately hope so... because if it does not get fixed then this blog needs an insane amount of work on my end. I'd have to figure out which images went where and then track them down in the archives and then possibly re-upload them all. Just thinking about that being a possibility makes me feel super panicky, so I am hoping for the best.


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