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This year, Mike and Violet and I brought back our famous Fourth of July grilling & fireworking party! It was a kind of hot day, but it was tolerable for hanging out on the lovely grass. I laid out the blankets and Violet tested them for quality.

Then we were joined by some fabulous friends.

Annnd some fabulous food.

We played this game that's sort of a drawing version of "Telephone" (the game, not the song by Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé, in case you were confused why such an event would exist). The difference from the beginning statement to the end one with some great drawings is good for some plentiful lolz

Then it was time for our annual backyard fireworks! We don't go crazy... We'll just get like a $15 pack of assorted fireworks from Meijer and then buy an additional big (relatively speaking) one. They all delivered good times though!

Note the nearby watering can. You know, in case we had to gently sprinkle out a fire.

Looking forward to hopefully doing it again next year!

This is very cute- Violet reacts to her first fireworks experience! (+ bonus footage of our fun later on)


Anne July 24, 2013 at 10:26 AM  

if that's the game I'm thinking of, I LOVE THAT GAME!! we call it tell-er-draw :)

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