a quick visit

We headed down the road to Buhr Park for a little outing. I love that Ann Arbor is chock full o' parks.

Annnd then this started up. I am not kidding- those two pictures were taken three seconds apart. Like it was one push of the swing after the other. It's tough being two on a napless day.

We figured we should pack it in after the "fun" was making her cry. Although we did manage to cheer her up on a quick slide run before we left. And then when we were leaving, she was all "NO. STAY HEEEERRRE", which is kind of her mantra now upon leaving many locations.

A small glimpse into the ups and downs of being a toddler. (I would have documented more of her descent into despair over the way she was being pushed on the swings, but an adult was close by and I felt like a jerk.)
[video above]


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