Violet was ready for a fun Saturday! For some reason I thought it would be great to park blocks away from the Farmer's Market and walk a bit to get there in really humid high 80's temperatures.

Ah well. We still had a good time in (K)errytown. There was just more sweat than normal.

Mike got his favorite snow cone from the towel lady - root beer & lime combo.

We took a needed break from the heat inside the shops.

V & M browsed at Mudpuddles and I browsed at Found.

Later, during nap time, Mike and I played Ticket to Ride India. I devised a system of marking what cities I had gotten to since keeping all those names straight is ridonk.

Cutie pie in Daddy's boots.


This was right before I almost got a ball thrown in my face. Duh.

Another day trapped inside.

We ended the night (post-V-bedtime) with one of my favorite games that takes hours to play and involves a mystery and there are clues and you have to take notes and I really like it and I am a dork but I DON'T CARE. In conclusion, we had a fun day!


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