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Violet recites the Bible verse she learned!

Without fail, every Tuesday when we leave work, Violet runs up this ramp and down it and up again.

And then leans in for kisses in between the slats.

On Memorial Day, we played a nerdy game at Panera.

And grilled out in the rain with friends.

Meanwhile, V went to a fair with Gommy, Poppy, and Uncle Chris.

And of course she loved going on rides. She's ready for roller coasters, I think.

We hung up a bunch of new photos and things on the wall... which, if you know how Mike feels about that process, is truly a sacrifice of love. But now we can sit back and take in the cuteness of Violet from multiple angles.

Glitter day at painting class!

I tell ya, I don't know what they did, but those glitter makers sure know how to make a product you just can't get rid of once it's on your skin and clothes.

She's so used to it, Violet just jumps up on the bench for a picture on her own.

I just love how she put two huge eyes on every fish.

She just can't get enough of making art!

I am so impressed- She started drawing real-looking faces!

My talented little girl.


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