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Well, of course I HAD to go see the Postal Service for their 10 year reunion tour. I didn't even mind much that we had to wait in the rain a bit beforehand.

We got there like 20 minutes before doors, and the rain wasn't light, so we got a nice shower.

We had general admission tickets, and it really was only like 2 or 3 people deep from the stage, so we could've secured a spot close to the band.

But I wasn't in the mood to fight for my spot the whole night, so we took the easy way out and staked our claim on the little ledge where we could see everything! The vibe of their music is more laid back, so I didn't need the packed-in-with-the-crowd feel that is more exciting in a Paramore-type concert setting. Anyway, Ra Ra Riot was on first. They were decent, but I always get annoyed when people in bands look bored when they're playing. YOU GET TO PERFORM ON STAGE FOR PEOPLE ALL THE TIME YOU ARE SO LUCKY COME ONNN.

Then Postal Service! Of course the crowd almost drowned them out on the quieter parts with their back up choral singing.

I saw Ben Gibbard before at a couple Death Cab for Cutie shows (fun fact: Death Cab OPENED for an old friend of mine's local band once, like yearrsss ago). In the most recent show, Ben was actually like pretty boring as a frontman- he just stood there playing and said nothing to the crowd and there were no variations on the music so it was like listening to a CD... So it was great to see him actually all happy and dancing around. Which, I say with the utmost endearment, was really nerdy white guy dancing. It was awesome.

AND OF COURSE JENNY LEWIS WAS THERE (I love her, as expressed here & here)

They busted out all the old hits... basically the entire album. And then they played a couple more originals and a couple covers.

We had a grand time.

Mini-concert with bad audio! Snippets of Nothing Better/Clark Gable/Such Great Heights. You'll see a little of what I mean about the nerdiness if you watch the first part. It was great.


Anne June 24, 2013 at 9:17 AM  

yeah, his running man arms were hilarious :) I did think the concert was like a sing-a-long at times, but I also loved that everyone knew every word!

demoreeann June 24, 2013 at 11:31 AM  

that looks like a fun show! you had a great view!

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