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The garden has really exploded over the past couple weeks. I gotta weed out (har) all the extraneous garden photos and put a post or two together, but for now here are a few to whet your appetite. Because I know all of you have been staring at your computer screens yelling WHY ARE THERE SO FEW CURRENT GARDEN PIX ON KAREN IN COLORRR?? Anyway, above you'll see the birdhouse I painted a year or so ago and had to glue back together, as it was clearly not meant to stand a Michigan winter. [insert joke here about how no one is meant to stand a Michigan winter. HAR TIMES TWO]

We've been stopping at Home Depot here and there to pick up some annuals when they're on sale. Technically this photo only exists because we were bringing some flowers out back and Violet was like PICTURE OF DADDY PLEASE. But I thought it turned out nice, even though I just whipped out the camera and snapped this to appease her. :)

V's face injury was from falling down the cement porch steps right on her face :(

Some seedlings and sprouts. Much bigger and better veggie & flower shots to come!

And I partially owe it all to my little watering helper.


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