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Did you hear that my garden got, like, really really fat? I mean here it is a few weeks ago...

...And here it is now. And by "now" I mean about a week ago, so by now it is even more out of control. Here are a bunch of pics from recent times. Some plants are looking lovely still, but I've been having a bad experience with bugs chewing on a lot of stuff as well. There are quite a few leaves here and there with little chewed holes in them. But, of course, here you will only see the pretty stuff!

petunias / salvia peeking through

zinnia sprouts

clematis / peppermint

just visiting the clematis

you can read that

it kinda blends in with the bush behind it, but that big stalk is apparently from a giant sunflower seed that got embedded in the ground from last year / v & daddy peeking at the garden

petunias & strawberries (never have attempted them before and i think i am potting them incorrectly?)


To be continued tomorrow!


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