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Adventures with V!

Evening stroll.

(She convinced Gommy to put three candles when it really should've been two and a half)

She just gets more & more comfortable with being messy.

Annnd more.

Her wonderful painting teacher Miss Debbie!

In the waiting room pre-stitches removal. It actually was painless and fast and V was perfectly fine.

And then there was this day. Luckily she had a picture of Mommy & Daddy and some Disney princesses to look at when she was getting her stitches in. (Of course Mike, the photo documentarian, secretly took this photo. I didn't even know until later)

Chocolate milk print ad.

She loves to point out when things look like letters. "V, MOMMY!"

You've probably caught on to the fact that I get serenaded a lot.

Lunch with Ciara!

Buddies :)

She had her lunch and then she had a lot of energy.


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