bday & a half

Today Violet turns two and a half years old! I know people say it flies by, but it really seems like forever ago that she was born- which is nice because I feel like we've gotten to fully experience so many memories in the past 2.5 years.

I actually had this whole compilation video thing planned that I've saved a bunch of clips for... and then things just got kind of crazy around here. Last week Violet tripped and fell face-first down our cement porch steps. It was the first time I've seen a significant amount of blood coming out of a wound on her :( ...but that paled in comparison to yesterday when she fell and hit the back of her head on the sharp edge of a table and then blood was gushing out and I was freaking out and, long story short, she ended up having to get stitches :( :( Soooo yeah. In its place, please enjoy pics of V celebrating someone else's birthday.

Violet was so very excited to be with Lucy at her lovely outdoor bday party.

There were lots of bubbles for the kids- Violet loved watching Lucy chase after and pop them.


Very cute pic, yes, but please prepare yourself for a truly adorable series of photos.

*heart melting*

V picks L a birthday dandelion.


Here's a cute video of the two of them. It's actually the first time I've witnessed Violet trying to converse with another little kid. And then watching V chase after L is so sweet- you can tell she just wants Lucy to like her!

Anyway, happy 2.5, little Violet! Mommy will do her best to keep you injury-free! (but let's be honest... I can only do so much little)


Anne June 7, 2013 at 9:25 AM  

A childhood that doesn't include a couple stitches in it's story is a childhood not well lived in my opinion :) (but I do hope she doesn't have to get any more! lol)

PS I'm in for the postal service!! I'll keep my eyes peeled and say hi if I see you guys! I'm in box B I guess...

my name is karen. June 10, 2013 at 9:52 AM  

Nice! We are on the main floor in the general admission area, so hopefully we'll see ya at some point!

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