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Continuing the trend of posting month-old photos, here are a few more. Back in late April, we got down to business getting the vegetable garden area ready to go. If you take a look at that window...

You'll see that Mike had a few people supervising his work. You might not have noticed, but even Zooey had to have a look.

Afterwards, I sowed my cool-weather crops (aka stuck a few seeds in the ground).

Aren't seeds crazy? I'm always amazed that they actually, like, grow and stuff.

In addition to the carrot, lettuce, spinach, sugar snap pea, and garden bean seeds, I also planted some bell pepper, zucchini, and cucumber plants. Mike put up stakes and twine for the spindly snap peas to grab on to.

Our red bud tree: Pretty and red... and then kind of a mess as the buds fall all over the deck. But then pretty again after the leaves come in!

A couple new perennials (Asiatic lillies) for the front yard.

Hydrangea tree in April.

Hydrangea tree in May.

Lilac buds!

Later on they start to open...

And then they slowly start to pop. Sad story: I never took photos when they were open and blooming in all their glory. Next year hopefully?

Today I took tonsss of photos of the garden and yard, so there are more posts to come soon featuring much bigger and more plentiful veggies and flowers. Lettuce & spinach are both ready for some harvesting, and everything else is really coming along!


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