more from the garden

Here's a bit more of what's goin on around the yard. A day ago, there was a ridiculous, CRAZY amount of heavy rain, so I think everything is in recovery mode. I expect it to explode once more, so if you don't hear from me for awhile, check and see if I am tangled in a zucchini plant that is trying to eat me.

pretty clematis

just-watered clematis

mushroom sprouting up in the damp grass / snap peas are coming (some are already here!)

gerbera daisies

lily, pre-flower (it just bloomed & it's so pretty)

zinnia sprouts / petunias

dahlia & petunias

my first rose!

That's all, until next time I get around to posting garden pics!

garden gossip

Did you hear that my garden got, like, really really fat? I mean here it is a few weeks ago...

...And here it is now. And by "now" I mean about a week ago, so by now it is even more out of control. Here are a bunch of pics from recent times. Some plants are looking lovely still, but I've been having a bad experience with bugs chewing on a lot of stuff as well. There are quite a few leaves here and there with little chewed holes in them. But, of course, here you will only see the pretty stuff!

petunias / salvia peeking through

zinnia sprouts

clematis / peppermint

just visiting the clematis

you can read that

it kinda blends in with the bush behind it, but that big stalk is apparently from a giant sunflower seed that got embedded in the ground from last year / v & daddy peeking at the garden

petunias & strawberries (never have attempted them before and i think i am potting them incorrectly?)


To be continued tomorrow!


Violet was ready for a fun Saturday! For some reason I thought it would be great to park blocks away from the Farmer's Market and walk a bit to get there in really humid high 80's temperatures.

Ah well. We still had a good time in (K)errytown. There was just more sweat than normal.

Mike got his favorite snow cone from the towel lady - root beer & lime combo.

We took a needed break from the heat inside the shops.

V & M browsed at Mudpuddles and I browsed at Found.

Later, during nap time, Mike and I played Ticket to Ride India. I devised a system of marking what cities I had gotten to since keeping all those names straight is ridonk.

Cutie pie in Daddy's boots.


This was right before I almost got a ball thrown in my face. Duh.

Another day trapped inside.

We ended the night (post-V-bedtime) with one of my favorite games that takes hours to play and involves a mystery and there are clues and you have to take notes and I really like it and I am a dork but I DON'T CARE. In conclusion, we had a fun day!

diners & doctors, paints & parties

Adventures with V!

Evening stroll.

(She convinced Gommy to put three candles when it really should've been two and a half)

She just gets more & more comfortable with being messy.

Annnd more.

Her wonderful painting teacher Miss Debbie!

In the waiting room pre-stitches removal. It actually was painless and fast and V was perfectly fine.

And then there was this day. Luckily she had a picture of Mommy & Daddy and some Disney princesses to look at when she was getting her stitches in. (Of course Mike, the photo documentarian, secretly took this photo. I didn't even know until later)

Chocolate milk print ad.

She loves to point out when things look like letters. "V, MOMMY!"

You've probably caught on to the fact that I get serenaded a lot.

Lunch with Ciara!

Buddies :)

She had her lunch and then she had a lot of energy.

late delivery

Well, of course I HAD to go see the Postal Service for their 10 year reunion tour. I didn't even mind much that we had to wait in the rain a bit beforehand.

We got there like 20 minutes before doors, and the rain wasn't light, so we got a nice shower.

We had general admission tickets, and it really was only like 2 or 3 people deep from the stage, so we could've secured a spot close to the band.

But I wasn't in the mood to fight for my spot the whole night, so we took the easy way out and staked our claim on the little ledge where we could see everything! The vibe of their music is more laid back, so I didn't need the packed-in-with-the-crowd feel that is more exciting in a Paramore-type concert setting. Anyway, Ra Ra Riot was on first. They were decent, but I always get annoyed when people in bands look bored when they're playing. YOU GET TO PERFORM ON STAGE FOR PEOPLE ALL THE TIME YOU ARE SO LUCKY COME ONNN.

Then Postal Service! Of course the crowd almost drowned them out on the quieter parts with their back up choral singing.

I saw Ben Gibbard before at a couple Death Cab for Cutie shows (fun fact: Death Cab OPENED for an old friend of mine's local band once, like yearrsss ago). In the most recent show, Ben was actually like pretty boring as a frontman- he just stood there playing and said nothing to the crowd and there were no variations on the music so it was like listening to a CD... So it was great to see him actually all happy and dancing around. Which, I say with the utmost endearment, was really nerdy white guy dancing. It was awesome.

AND OF COURSE JENNY LEWIS WAS THERE (I love her, as expressed here & here)

They busted out all the old hits... basically the entire album. And then they played a couple more originals and a couple covers.

We had a grand time.

Mini-concert with bad audio! Snippets of Nothing Better/Clark Gable/Such Great Heights. You'll see a little of what I mean about the nerdiness if you watch the first part. It was great.

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