last wednesday

Nothing like a morning bike ride with your little baby tucked in the basket. I should've done that when Violet was a baby.

Last week I asked Violet what she wanted to do all day. She said "HOME DEPOT". Well, it was a really nice day, and I figured a walk around town might be a bit more enjoyable than several hours at Home Depot. After I convinced V she didn't need to wear jammies all day, we set out.

We walked to Literati, the new bookstore downtown. When I was looking online for the exact address, I forgot the name and just kept thinking Illuminati... Anyway, it was good timing because we picked out a book for Violet's friend Lucy's birthday.

"VIOLET STAY HERE" (she didn't want to leave)

We walked down to the Farmer's Market to get a couple new zucchini plants since mine were looking pretty rough after a night of frost. On our way we met a new friend.

"Time to go!" "VIOLET STAY HERE" (I pick out fun places to go, apparently)

After we picked up a couple plants, we shared a hot dog from Le Dog in the courtyard on E. Liberty. You know, the homeless people one? :)

There was a group of school kids there to eat lunch, and Violet had the best time watching them.

"VIOLET STAY HERE." The true highlight of the day was that I tired out this little crazy, so she took a nice long afternoon nap.

Later, after dinner, we went back into town with Mike to get some ice cream (ha, which Violet doesn't like, by the way).

We stumbled upon one of the DIA art replicas that are in various spots downtown.

it was a fun day with my cuties! (FYI... I feel like I make parenting look like a breeze. Just remember that I don't take pics of the bad moments! Even so, I am blessed to have these two in my life. I love them lots.)


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