busy bees

Violet and I have had a full schedule of activities lately. Here V is showing off her stamp that she got at the story & song time at the library.

Ink on her arms just like mommy.

The Farmer's market is kind of my Wednesday go-to place.

This little girl was being awfully mischievous that day.

It was wonderful to eat some asparagus for dinner that was freshly picked that morning.

We always take a look around the Kerrytown shops too. A little story for you: right after this we had to do a quick diaper change in the bathroom, and there was a little girl and her mom in there too. The girl was playing around and turned off the light, and the mom didn't see her do it so she didn't know where the switch was. Meanwhile, V & I are in there in the pitch blackness while the mom is freaking out trying to find the light switch and Violet is exclaiming "TOO DARK TOO DARK!"

After we weathered that storm we shared (aka she ate hers and then some of mine too) some food at the Broken Egg down the street.

Later on she worked on her watercolor skills.

Speaking of which, she's been getting better and better in painting class... at being okay with her hands getting paint on them. Heh.

This is serious growth, you guys.

She decorating some Mothers day cards for some of the moms in our family as well as one of our friends whose daughter Violet just adores.

Violet drew cute little pictures of them.

Violet helped Uncle Tom blow out all those candles. She lovesss birthdays.

Us snuggling in Mommy's big bed.



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