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Last Saturday we had a lovely sunny & springy day. Mike and I officially began our garden preparations by mixing into the soil the crushed egg shells and coffee grounds we've been accumulating this winter. We even started some seeds (for indoors... it's not like we're new to Michigan weather or anything). Herb-wise, I'm trying out lavender and mint this year. And of course we played outside in our nice big (communal) yard.

Looking forward to seeing a lot more green!

For indoors we bought a new little succulent too.

And um yeah we got a little excited about the seeds. Looks like our kitchen table is going to be a bit cluttered for the next several weeks.

Eggs and coffee and dirt salad, anyone?

This poor rock didn't make it through the winter intact.

It was so beautiful we decided to grill. SUCH a good idea- I've been missing that delicious charred taste on our vegetables and meats.

Here's to hoping we can pack that thing away for the season! And the sled needs to be put away in the basement too. HAR HAR.

Lastly THIS IS SO CUTE. Violet has discovered her love for violins ("MY VIOWIN").


demoreeann April 5, 2013 at 9:51 AM  

lavender, mint, succulents & a viowin! also, i just ran across this article about mint growing:

hopefully your sniffly friday is better than expected. xoxo

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