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It is so satisfying to see the bulbs I planted last fall finally blooming! These beautiful crocuses are the first flowers you usually see in spring, and it just makes me excited for more flowers and vegetables to be grown this year.

The daffodils have been a long time coming- they started to sprout weeks ago, along with the tulips I planted last fall. A few days ago, the daffodils bloomed, and I gotta quick get pics before they wilt.

And our little seedlings are coming along. We've got zinnias, marigolds, lavender, and spearmint.

Speaking of creating things, Mike made challah bread! It was another recipe in the book I got him for his birthday.

I found Violet like this the other day. She looked cozy, so I let her stay in there.

We were totally convinced Violet had lost her shoe when we were out and about. We had also searched the car, or so we thought... What a little chameleon that shoe is...

"SQUIRREL SAD. HE CRYIN" (Violet has been pointing out emotions lately, and the drip of paint on the eye made an impression, apparently)

I was looking through the used books at Value World, and I stumbled across this sad book. I mean, who gives away a book with your baby in it?

At least the baby's name wasn't in it.

Also stumbled across this great find. Sadly I did not purchase it.

Disgusting, Denny's. Just disgusting.

And it wouldn't be a post of random pix if it didn't have one of V sleeping. She just looked so sweet holding her kitty cat in the blankie.


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