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Last weekend the DIA had free admission for Ann Arbor residents, so we headed out to Detroit for some good times. We already were going out there for a housewarming party, so it worked out wonderfully. I've been to the DIA so many times, but I never get tired of looking at everything. This painting always reminds me of my Italian renaissance art history classes in college, which I lovvved. Anywho, we decided to go on a real tour this time...

...with our excellent tour guide Violet.

First stop was the huge room with all the armor displays.

It's a great place to run around, according to the map booklet which says no running.

We eventually made our way to other rooms.

...With a reluctant Violet in tow.

She perked up when she saw a few paintings with violins in them though.

I should have been prepared for how worn out we would be with a toddler with us, but we still really enjoyed our dose of culture for the day! Afterward, we got a little energy boost at a local diner- Motown Coney Island. It was yumz and the service was excellent. As usual, people are delighted by Violet wherever she goes!


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