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Okay, one more post about the DIA. We obviously had to go to Diego Rivera's "Detroit Industry" mural room- one of my absolute fav places. And I love this series of photos of Violet running around and giving us adorable little grins from across the room. I wish formatting-wise I could display these larger here, but I definitely wanna frame one of these, so you can just come over and see it on my wall!

She is such a joy :)

video veekend

I'm in the midst of a suuuper long & draining (in a good satisfying way, but still) workday today so here are just a couple little vids for ya:

Violet enjoys making the most out of her pizza. First as a bar of soap, then a phone, then a bed with covers that morphs back into a phone, then a washcloth to wipe her face clean. Makes perfect sense if you're two.

And umm she has an interesting way of pronouncing "chocolate milk". We can't seem to break her of the habit...

art again

Last weekend the DIA had free admission for Ann Arbor residents, so we headed out to Detroit for some good times. We already were going out there for a housewarming party, so it worked out wonderfully. I've been to the DIA so many times, but I never get tired of looking at everything. This painting always reminds me of my Italian renaissance art history classes in college, which I lovvved. Anywho, we decided to go on a real tour this time...

...with our excellent tour guide Violet.

First stop was the huge room with all the armor displays.

It's a great place to run around, according to the map booklet which says no running.

We eventually made our way to other rooms.

...With a reluctant Violet in tow.

She perked up when she saw a few paintings with violins in them though.

I should have been prepared for how worn out we would be with a toddler with us, but we still really enjoyed our dose of culture for the day! Afterward, we got a little energy boost at a local diner- Motown Coney Island. It was yumz and the service was excellent. As usual, people are delighted by Violet wherever she goes!

water & color

Violet is my little artist. She is so meticulous about which color she wants to go where. We actually just started a painting class through Ann Arbor Recreation & Education. It's for 2 to 5-year-olds, so V is the little one there. We've only gone once, but she already can't stop talking about "PANE TEEN CASS". And sometimes she has independent study at home too :)

outside inside

Julien Coquentin

Agne Subelyte

Tito Mouraz

Bedales Library, photographer unknown

Marcelo Nacinovec

Sara K. Byrne

Fong Qi Wei


I got that adorable sweater dress for about 90 cents at the thrift store. A cute dress for my little cute girl!

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