that's all the time we have

Bumpy cake break!

And then it was back to business.

Soon, the games drew to a close. Time for awards!

People were excited to receive even the lowly awards! It must be due to my excellent designs.

And here's the grand prize! Also, I think all of my parties should end like this. I have the best friends.

It was plenty enough of a gift to have such a fun night with friends, but amazingly I got some presents too! Brad and Ciara watch my reaction as I take in the card they made.

It was less of a birthday card and more of an experience.

One last thing- In addition to 10th place (teehee), Mike also got a special award. He was SUCH a huge help. People saw how much work went into making this night awesome, and Mike was wonderful and supportive and hardworking!

Thanks again everyone for an excellent and superfun birthday!


just mom March 30, 2013 at 9:25 AM  

Haha! I want to be one of your friends! You have so much fun! :)

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