arts & waffles

I tell ya, I am just LONGING to be able to spend weekends (and weekdays... and week nights...) doing things outside in warmer weather. But until then, we will take in all the indoor (and mostly free stuff) that Ann Arbor has to offer! Seriously, if you ever want ideas of what to do with kids in town during the colder months, let me know. Anyway, last Saturday we hit up the art museum on campus.

"Violet, make a funny face."

Then we headed over to a new little restaurant we've been wanting to try- Wafel Shop! They have authentic Belgian waffles that were seriously yummy.

We went classic, but there are lots of topping options. It seems like a great place to go for a waffley dessert too. Plus, you add in Zingerman's coffee and some really tasty bacon, and you got yourself a delicious meal.





Another fun day down in the books!


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