kinda zoo

My parents took Violet to Cabela's, an outdoorsy/hunting/fishing/etc store that also happens to have a massive collection of taxidermied animals, most of which are illegal to actually hunt and kill. Lucky for us, there were no regulations back in the day, and it's kinda too late to put these guys back, soooo.... bring on the fun times at the dead animal zoo!

There do happen to be a few live animals there too.

Adorably tiny chair!

Not surprisingly, she loved it there. I mean, the elephant alone would have made it worth it.

She's kinda into "EFFENTS", after all.


They're not only cute, they bring her refreshments too!


c February 11, 2013 at 9:53 PM  

So Cabela's can taxidermy cute white fluffy dogs, but when I suggest it, it's ridiculous?

the injustice.

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