She's not just a pretty face. My little smart girl adores reading, just like mommy.

She's really into this counting book we have. She walks around reciting it even when it's not in front of her. "BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD WHAT DO YOU SEE. I SEE 2 BIRDS UP IN A TREE"

She also really loves the alphabet book she got from her great grandma. "BIG C... LITTLE C" (She's learning upper and lower case) I totally recommend it if you want a book to help the littles learn ABC's. There are grooves on each letter so they can trace it with their finger to start to learn how to write it. And of course the fun flaps with pictures don't hurt either.

Well and since Violet can basically read perfectly, why not try to teach Zooey?

Okay, that might be tough even for V.


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