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My dearest Mike was worth celebrating for more than one day, so we made a weekend out of it. And some of our wonderful friends came over to join us. [This flour was a beloved gift (from Ciara and Brad), as it went along perfectly with the new bread baking book I got him]

Anyway, you know Mike made everyone play all kinds of games n stuff. It was fun! [duh]

And Demoree was in town which was awesome!

Then we took a break for Violet to hand out her Hello Kitty valentines to her friends. It was pretty adorable. [of course]

Back to the laughs!

Meanwhile V got sleepier...

And sleepier...

Cupcake time!

And with that someone perked right up! [I'm talking about Mike]

My cuties.

Once V was off to bed, there was more business to attend to.

And even when all the other guests had left, Brad and Ciara and I were still involved in a good 30 plus minutes of Dr. Mario. It's kind of our thing.

Mike got to open gifts from them as well (the aforementioned flour, among other things). Although unwrapping the NSYNC paper was enough of a gift.

But the card that went along with it was pretty great too. Why yes there were creepy cats encircling a cake with the text "peace of cake" written on it. And yes there are a lot of Christmas and American themes going on as well.

And even when everyone had finally left, we had some leftover cupcakes to keep us company.


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