day off

Mike took Friday off for his birthday, so we got up and got right down to business... aka, presents.

Violet was charming as always, saying "HAPPY OTH-DAY DADDY", which I believe means "birthday". After Mike opened his gifts, she wanted to wrap up some of her toys and then immediately unwrap them herself.

We got Mike an awesome book about making artisan bread, and it is GREAT. He's already made a few loaves, and they are super tasty and actually look like the image on the book cover!

And Violet called some friends to tell them about Daddy's new tripod.

Then we went to Achilles for lunch. Cuties, pic #1!

Cuties, pic #2!

I sat alone with my delicious fried food for company.

UM OK this is so cute. Violet saw her reflection in the spoon and sang the ABC song to it.

Later, we went bowling (pics coming! Violet bowled too!) and then it was naptime for the wee. During V's nap, Mike picked Dominion as his afternoon pastime of choice. #nerd

You know us and birthdays... they are multiple blog post events. Soooo see ya soon with more pix!


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