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We have been itching to play outside, so an afternoon that teetered on the edge of 40 degrees was enough to tide us over.

Now bring on spring! Please?

you're, like, really cool

jennifer lawrence is super pretty...

and really talented...

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and really funny...

and her career started with mtv promos for "my super sweet 16" which is kind of great...

[vids don't show up in google reader, btw]

and um this moment post-oscars with a lurking jack nicholson is basically hilarious...

and, of course, she just won an oscar...

so, in conclusion: she is awesome.


She's not just a pretty face. My little smart girl adores reading, just like mommy.

She's really into this counting book we have. She walks around reciting it even when it's not in front of her. "BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD WHAT DO YOU SEE. I SEE 2 BIRDS UP IN A TREE"

She also really loves the alphabet book she got from her great grandma. "BIG C... LITTLE C" (She's learning upper and lower case) I totally recommend it if you want a book to help the littles learn ABC's. There are grooves on each letter so they can trace it with their finger to start to learn how to write it. And of course the fun flaps with pictures don't hurt either.

Well and since Violet can basically read perfectly, why not try to teach Zooey?

Okay, that might be tough even for V.

games & cupcakes

My dearest Mike was worth celebrating for more than one day, so we made a weekend out of it. And some of our wonderful friends came over to join us. [This flour was a beloved gift (from Ciara and Brad), as it went along perfectly with the new bread baking book I got him]

Anyway, you know Mike made everyone play all kinds of games n stuff. It was fun! [duh]

And Demoree was in town which was awesome!

Then we took a break for Violet to hand out her Hello Kitty valentines to her friends. It was pretty adorable. [of course]

Back to the laughs!

Meanwhile V got sleepier...

And sleepier...

Cupcake time!

And with that someone perked right up! [I'm talking about Mike]

My cuties.

Once V was off to bed, there was more business to attend to.

And even when all the other guests had left, Brad and Ciara and I were still involved in a good 30 plus minutes of Dr. Mario. It's kind of our thing.

Mike got to open gifts from them as well (the aforementioned flour, among other things). Although unwrapping the NSYNC paper was enough of a gift.

But the card that went along with it was pretty great too. Why yes there were creepy cats encircling a cake with the text "peace of cake" written on it. And yes there are a lot of Christmas and American themes going on as well.

And even when everyone had finally left, we had some leftover cupcakes to keep us company.


The Oscars are on tonight! Since Mike and I have cancelled our cable awhile ago (we have Netflix & Hulu Plus which are waaaay cheaper & prevent us from watching much TV at all), I have missed out on a couple things I would've liked to have seen. So I've got a date with some friends to watch the Oscars. I actually am interested this year since I've seen a lot more of the movies that are nominated than usual.

Best performance of the year will always go to my little star- She's got some serious shaker/wooden sticks/dancing skillz. Free library programs for the win!


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new & old randomz

Here are a bunch of pix from the past few months that didn't make their way into other posts...

silly time

v helps in the dressing room at h&m

and points out the one i should get. good choice! it was on super sale!

bein sweet among all the hyper kids

fun $2 bill for her bday from matt & rachel

tucking it away for another time

i don't just bring her to work, i put her to work

coloring the backs of her hello kitty valentines

ugh, napping in the car means not napping when we get home

now that's more like it

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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