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Our tradition is to have family Christmas on the 23rd, just the three of us. We just have Christmasy fun all day.

Violet got all prettied up, and we had pancakes for breakfast.

Rewinding a sec, I should mention who made the pancakes. She's really into helping these days!


Fun tights and tons of fun color gels for daddy's camera flash.

Hug break!

Fav gift= Hello Kitty karaoke!

She's so cute on that microphone.

Tea time.

Join us for a family tea party!

We went to dinner at Olive Garden and then walked around the mall and watched people who were buying very last minute presents. Btw, I barely remember what I ordered because I pretty much just eat like 3 plates of salad and some breadsticks whenever I'm there.

And by the end of the evening, someone was a little worn out. (me)


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