day at the museum


A few Saturdays ago, it was about 50 degrees outside, which was basically awesome, duh. We took a family trip downtown around campus and decided to visit the Natural History Museum. You walk in and you're in the Rotunda, a beautiful old round lobby area in which I actually performed a play in college. This girl (who kinda looked like me) and I were this sort of creepy, ethereal, twin Greek chorus in the Greek tragedy Electra.

Anyway, we had a grand old time. Check out V's adventures in the museum!

Take a look around the museum with the cutest little tour guide ever!


PS: Happy bday to my awesome friend Ciara! I hope it's a great day for you!

New roommates! i can't believe this is literally a decade ago...

Why yes we are all sitting around knitting. and yes i am wearing leopard print velour pants and an x-men tshirt...

Aaaaaand this picture pretty much sums up our relationship.


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