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Here's what we did on our Christmas vacation (mostly while Violet was away).

We sent out our annual newsletters (and managed to pack in as many photos as a piece of paper could comfortably hold).

Enjoyed some nice wintry days & saw what our house looks like with snowy lights.

Played nerdy games (this one is a Sherlock Holmes game in which you read about a crime scene and travel all over town gathering clues from people until you declare what you think the solution is).

Took in some rock and roll (The Killers & Tegan and Sara*)

*sort of. There's a long story involved that I don't want to get into.

Played more nerdy games at Panera and had purpley hair (which unfortunately has faded quite a bit. I have more dye though, so I'll probably redo it.)

Did lots of crossword puzzles and used my new pencils I got from Dem. It's a movie quote from Mean Girls. Deal with it.

Caught up on cutting out stuff from old magazines and finished reading the ones I hadn't yet read. Also, Zooey felt like the child of the house once again.

Celebrated New Year's at Matt and Rachel's with Psy and MC Hammer.

3... 2... 1... *tweeeeee*

We took a pic with our little camera's timer and I am actually quite impressed how great everyone looks (I mean in terms of no blinks or frowns, of course).

Most of all, we had plenty of "me" times and "just us two" times and general relaxing. If you're a parent and you don't wanna be away from your kid for more than a day, let me just say YOU ARE MISSING OUT. You deserve a break! We sure did, and it was awesome. Of course we were so excited to have her back, by the way. :)


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